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My actual WordPress site: the Home Brewery

April 15, 2015

Here’s the deal: I don’t like to hand over my writing, my pictures, my movies or my music to others to “keep safe for me”.  I try to avoid using “the Cloud” for anything — backup drives are cheap and I don’t have that much I need to back up.

Given that, I chose to download and install WordPress on my own server, where I put all my writing.  Its URL is and it’s called the Home Brewery.

So why am I even bothering with this mild little rant?  Because apparently other social media sites will only “integrate” with this public WordPress server.  Like Quora, for instance. For those folks, please go visit the Home Brewery if you want to read my stuff.  Thanks!

There is probably a better way to do this; perhaps someone will explain it to me.

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  1. Hi Jess,

    I have some work/papers i would like you to familiarize yourself with and, with your understanding and approval, perhaps you could write some about the work/theory.
    I see you are on Quora, i post there, but could not find how to message you.

    Links to two things to view and comment on: 1-
    2- -VACIS = Variable Acceleration Contraction In a Spiral: This blog/post is to exhibit the VACIS paper hereto a part/paper of Snell’s Theory of Everything (ToE).

    Hope you have time to get involved and help this evolve. Thanks for your time and i do enjoy some of your answers on Quora.


    • Hi Doug, I’ve had a look at your postings, and I can’t really understand what you’re getting at. Considering how difficult it is for me to really grasp conventional STR, even with the help of generations of smart people trying to find better ways of explaining it, it’s hardly surprising that I can’t follow your logic when you more or less make up your own terms and use an unfamiliar “grammar” of words like acceleration and “Sphere of Observation”. Before I invest the enormous amount of time and effort it would take to teach myself your language, I think I’d like to finally learn about tensor calculus and GR, which is equally unfamiliar at this point, but comes with many volumes of mutually consistent explanations.

      I do have a somewhat negative attitude toward “Theories of Everything” (I think Phil Anderson is right to say a ToE is not a theory of anything!) but I don’t think that has influenced my judgement excessively. For all I know you could be onto something; I just can’t follow it.

      Cheers — Jess

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